Name:        Menchu A. Rosal

Address:     Davao City
Cell Phone: 09569908768



  1. Microsoft Office Competent

Using MSWord, PowerPoint & Excel

  1. Graphic Designs                            

Using Adobe Photoshop – CS5

  1. transcribing /Typing 60wpm       

          Business Transcription

  1. Adobe Photoshop CS & Imageready
  2. Video Creation/Editing  
  3. . SEO/Link Builder/Content Writer/Using both White Hat and Black Hat SEO


Educational Attainment:
College Graduate
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

Vocational Course:
Website Designing
2008 -2010
Job Academy, Davao

Work History:

Virtual Assitant 
Phil Kernjeu  - philkrnjeu.com
VA, SEO Analyst, Graphic Designer
June 2015 - Sep31, 2015


Per Project Basis - More than 6 Companies 
2013 2015
SEO Analyst, VA, Video Editor, Graphic Designer and Linkbuilder


Ikaikakimura - ikaikakimura.com
SEO Analyst - July 20012 - March 2013

Ben hulme - benhulme.com
Virtual Assistant, SEO Analyst
June 2011 - May 2012 


Computer Teacher in International School 
Life Stream International 
College Department 
2008 - 2010 


Duties Experiences:

  • Getting clients sites higher on the search engine results.
  • Actively researching, testing and proposing new approaches to improving search engine rankings.
  • Selecting search phrases and choosing keywords.
  • Advising and training up clients on the basics of search engine optimisation so they can look after their own websites.
  • Launching SEO campaigns for clients.
  • Implementing online search strategies.
  • Analysing search results via Web Analytics and other specialist software.
  • Optimising websites and landing pages.
  • External link building with relevant high quality third party websites and directories.
  • Internal link building within sites.
  • Building relationships with other SEO professionals.
  • Resolving technical issues related to a clients website.
  • Constant evaluation of keywords.
  • Searching for and finding suitable domain names for clients.
  • Monitoring and tracking the performance of SEO campaigns, including site traffic, banner advert performance and back links.
  • Providing remote support, advice and tips to clients.
  • Developing cross platform e-marketing strategies.
  • Involved in the annual SEO planning process.
  • On Page and Off Page Optimisation.
  • Organising research and surveys.
  • Carrying out competitor research.
  • Producing regular audits and writing up detailed monthly performance and progress reports for clients.


SEO competencies

  • Staying up to date with the latest developments in the SEO field.
  • Thorough understanding of E-commerce.
  • Knowledge of video search, blogging, twittering, web usability, site design, conversion rates, geo targeting, and ranking methods etc.
  • Extensive understanding of how to follow compliance guidelines and avoid black hat techniques that can damage a clients website.
  • Email marketing, e-newsletters and campaigns.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Understanding of mobile technologies.
  • Usability consultation.
  • Possessing basic HTML skills.
  • Knowledge of MS Word, Excel and of using CMS.


  • Able to prioritise work according to importance.
  • Excellent communication skills for client facing meetings.
  • Able to explain SEO concepts to non technical people including audiences.
  • Possessing a analytical mind.
  • Self motivated and ambitious



Link building
Lead generation campaigns
Pay Per click (PPC)
Internet marketing
Affiliate marketing
META optimisation
Website management
Campaign management
Social Media management